Repair of transformer

JSC “Energony”, former Joint Stock Company “SAKENERGOREMONTI” was formed in May 23rd, 2017.

The basic works performed by the company was Hydro and Eectric-Mechanical installation. Number of Hydroelectric Projects were performed by the company during the last couple of decades, throughout the whole country. Performed works include Installation of Turbines and Generators, commissioning of Sub-stations, Hydro Units rehabilitation and planned maintenance-repair works.

JSC “Sakenergoremonti” developed into the leader company in the field through the long-term, rich experience. More than 5000 staff members have worked in the company since the day it was founded. Proper operation of more than one hundred energy facilities in the country today is the result of professionalism of the mentioned team.

Today company is inter-related multi-profile organization. For the last 10 years, company simultaneously started working on high voltage transmission line construction projects. Company gained the reputation in short period of time and is the leading company the field already. Company also performed hydro technical, rehabilitation and construction works in big volumes at number of HPPs in the country.

The company policy is Safe work conditions, environment protection and the quality of performed works. Company is certified by the International standard certification organizations since 2007.

Company owns more than 200 items of the heavy machinery and equipment that are used primarily for the complex installation and construction works. We also have the Electric and mechanical workshops at the company base yard, that are equipped with different types of machines and tools for production and treatment of oversized details and parts for HPPs and other.

Our History

Head office of the JSC “Energony” is located at 1a Kaskadi Street, Zahesi settlement, Tbilisi. The main warehouse and workshops are located at the same address. The total area of the company is 4 Ha and it has access of the vehicle road as well as the railway road. The current number of employers of the company amount to 650, most of which are busy working on different projects of the company, performed in the regions