Our Sphere

Company implements:

  • Installation of Hydro Units, rehabilitation and current repair-maintenance works;
  • High voltage transmission lines construction and substations installation;
  • Hydro Technical construction works.
  • Supply-installation of turbines and generators for Hydroelectric Power Plant. Their general Inspection and complete rehabilitation;
  • Supply-installation of various equipment and plants for Hydro and Thermal Power Plant, their general overhauling and complete Rehabilitation-Restoration;
  • Thermal Power Plants boilers complete rehabilitation, general Inspection ;
  • Provision of Restoration-Rehabilitation of all type and power generators poles;
  • Building of different type and pressure gas-supply and water-supply pipelines;
  • Supply-installation and general inspection of different diameter sphere and disk-shaped locks 
  • Different power dams, water intake and water-discharge shutters general Inspection-Rehabilitation, production of new shutters;
  • General Inspection of different power pumps and motors;
  • Construction of 110, 220, 400, 500 kV power transmission lines;
  • Provision of different type power line towers and reinforced concrete constructions;
  • Fulfilment of different type ventilation works;
  • Provision of Restoration-Rehabilitation of all type lifting mechanisms and devices;
  • Provision of general inspection of all power transformers at places and in plant conditions;
  • Provision of certified chemical laboratory tests for all type oil quality examination;
  • Construction, installation of switching electric power substations, provision of adjusting works;
  • 0.4-500 kV oil and air circuit breaker provision, repair and installation of breakers and communication facilities.