Completion of rehabilitation of 220 kV power line "Egrisi-1,2".
Parallel connection of 220 kw double-stranded power line of Enguri and Vardnilhesi power plants to the open type distributor, as single single-stranded power line.
It was defined that "Egrisi-1, 2" circuits will become separate and they will be connected to the 220 kV open type distributor of Enguri and Vardnilhesi-1 power plants as a separate power lines.
Plans of Enguri and Vardnilhesi-1 power plants' 220kV power lines separation at the accesses of open distributor include:
Retention of connection of single-strand (which is conditionally named "Egrisi-1") of open distributor with using of existent portals as at Engurihesi as well as at Vardnilhesi power plants.
For installation of 220 kV open distributor "Egrisi-2" separate run from new line portal of 220 kw to be installed at the open distributor of Engurihesi power plant, up to N2 double-stranded tower of 220 kV open distributor it is necessary:
Installation of У220-3+5 type №1 and У220-3 №2¹ new zinc-coated towers at sZ-1 type foundation, also №1 tower installation - after demounting of the existent foundation.
Installation of 220 kV power line "Egrisi-2" separate run up to new portal, which is to be installed at 220 Kw open distributor of Vardnilhesi-1 was executed with new 221 m span from existent last №34 angular tower up to new №35 У220-3+14 type zinc-coated tower which is to be installed and from the last mentioned tower up to the portal the 30 m span was installed.
Project cost: 291 000 GEL
Terms of execution: 24.09.2012 - 31.12.2012
Customer : GSE