Construction of 500 kV Ksani-Stepantsminda power transmission line
Power transmission line consists of 500kv electric line between existed Ksani substation of 500/220/110kv power and a new Stepantsminda substation of 500/110kv.

The length of this power transmission line is 100kv. At present, 247 estimated points of electric transmission line towers location is know. Number of masts is not known yet.

Number of chains (daisy chain) is two; cable are of aluminum; mast is vertical one circuit, this two daisy chain power transmission line crosses three regions of Georgia: Ksani, Dusheti and Stepantsminda (from south to west)

შესრულების ვადები: 2015 წლის 16 სექტემბრიდან  2017 წლამდე